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Group Energy Work

Krista's group energy healing work is available online and in-person for wellness retreats. She finds that people experiencing energy healing with other people to be a very deep, meaningful experience. Coming together with the same intention for healing amplifies the energy and raises the vibration. She enjoys collaborating with wellness centers, yoga studios, healers, therapists, and healthcare providers.

How Group Energy Healing Sessions Work

Krista takes an energy reading of the group to provide a group energy balancing, intuitive guidance, and Reiki healing. Krista harnesses the environment to provide a safe container for healing. Belief work and emotional clearing are central to these energy healing sessions, as they clear the root causes behind chronic conditions and symptoms. 


Krista has been providing free group energy sessions over Zoom in response to the pandemic since March of 2020. It's been mutually beneficial to provide a community service for trauma, anxiety, and stress relief during these times. 

Use or fill out the form below for rates and options for a group energy healing experience for your retreat. 

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together. or 971-245-4302 

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