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My Approach

You may be wondering what else is out there to try. You've done it all and yet continue to struggle through your day feeling miserable, inadequate, and unworthy.

You know there has to be something else that's behind these symptoms. You don't buy what experts tell you about yourself. You wonder, is this all there is? Life as is with pain and stress? 


Intrinsically, you know it's not true. The thing is, the answers are not found within what you already know....What if I told you there's a whole other non-physical world where the answers to questions you don't even know to ask are answered? What if I told you that you that your world could expand, resulting in a healthier, happier, and more meaningful life?  

Advances in quantum physics have demonstrated that energy fields carry the energetic blueprints for all of our organs, systems, beliefs, memories, thoughts, emotions, and our life path. Energy fields also hold stagnant, stuck, and unwanted energy that affect the whole person.  Energy medicine is holistic medicine, so everything that's going on emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally is addressed as a snapshot in time of the whole person. 

My ultimate goal is to work with you and your energy fields resulting in transformation in a deeper, more meaningful way that hasn't been possible through standard routes. The best part about Reiki and Energy Balancing is that clients feel better, lighter, and experience a reduction in symptoms because their energy fields are clearer. It's like removing rocks and sediment that has clogged up a river. 


Reiki and Energy Balancing reduce stress by resetting the autonomic nervous system back to reset and healing mode.The body cannot be in stress mode and restorative mode at the same time. If you are running away from a tiger, it's not a good time for the body to repair cells and digest food.


This reset, along with clearing the energy pathways and identifying possible causes behind conditions supports the natural healing response. Your body has infinite wisdom and knows what to do, especially when it's given healing energy to support your goals. Your chakras will become more aligned, restored, and cleared, along with our auric fields, chakras, and meridian pathways.

I'm a Certified Karuna Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer.  I practice Accunect, ThetaHealing, and my own Medical Intuitive system I created as a result of healing myself and my family from from autoimmune/immune conditions. I've been working with energy healing tools since 2004.

Accunect and ThetaHealing work with the meridian pathways just like acupuncture, but without needles. 

As an Intuitive, I feel and see the density of stuck energy in the client's fields and physical body. It gives me a map of where to start. I also receive mental pictures, words, and intuitive messages pertaining to the current objectives for healing. There's a lot more that goes on, but this will give you an idea. 

Here's more about the healing modalities that I have integrated into my system for balancing, cleansing, and clearing:

Reiki is a form of universal chi or life force energy that is channeled through my palm chakras to the client. Because Reiki is so high vibrational, it clears out residual energies, unwanted emotions and thoughts, memories that limit us, and stuck energy.  It also replenishes the depleted areas of the energy fields. 

Medical Intuitive system discovers imbalances caused by food, microbes, environmental substances, emotional stressors, toxicity, nutritional deficiencies and sensitivities.

​Accunect is an energy medicine technique that's a culmination of many healing systems including Traditional Chinese Medicine. We utilize the sophisticated, state of the art health map system along with muscle checking and intuitive testing.

ThetaHealing is an energy medicine technique that focuses on clearing beliefs that limit us from what we want and how we want to feel. 


Vagus nerve healing techniques based on Louise Hay's teachings and the DNRS system from Annie Hopper.  These techniques reverse trauma induced symptoms, triggers, anxiety and depression. 

Journeying with The Goddess and Aura Cleansing They are new (2021) techniques that I am integrating into my 1-1 and Mentoring sessions. It is based upon the teachings and mentoring of Sophie Bashford, author of You Are A Goddess. My spiritual growth and development is never done. 

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