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Rates and Q&A

Energy Balancing and Intuitive Healing with Krista

How much does a session cost?

Book online or email me your best days/times. I offer a full-length, 90 min complete session for $130.

How do I schedule and pay for a session?

You may book online or email me your preferred days/times. Krista will respond within 24 hours with some options for you. Payment can be made through Venmo or Paypal or through the online booking. 

How do I prepare for a session? 

1) Schedule your appointment.

2) Download the Client Intake Form online or print and take a photo of the completed form. You may send it the morning of your session. 

3) Plan to be in a quiet, private room without distractions or interruptions for your session over Zoom. 

Is there anything required in order for sessions to work? 

All that is required is your intention and desire to receive healing. Receiving energy healing from Source does not encroach free will. Whatever the person would like to work on will be the focus of the session. Working with energy from Source is always gentle and of service and unfolds in the highest and best way for you. 

How can a Reiki and Energy Healing session work remotely?

We are all connected through the life force energy that's all around us, sometimes referred to as Source, Qi, or non-physical energy. All that is required is your wanting the Reiki and Energy Balancing healing.  Many people can feel the energy right away as heat, tingling, or an awareness that something is happening. Some people do not, but feel relaxed and experience a reduction in their symptoms, increased clarity, a feeling of connectedness, and even may feel lighter and happier. People have reported that remote sessions feel stronger because they are more relaxed in their own environment at home. It's great for people that cannot travel due to health conditions or scheduling availability.

What is the structure of the session?


1) We go over your client intake form and discuss your goals for your session. I  answer any questions you may have, and explain my healing approach. Reiki is programmed to run as we begin to you, your session, your home, and pets.


2) After the session begins, you may lie down or sit back in a relaxed position in a chair or couch. As an Intuitive, I take an energetic reading on your energetic fields and share what has come up for balancing using my integrative health map system and my intuition. I perform usually two or three balancings and report intuitive hits as I continue with the session. The balancings take about 30 minutes. Learn more about the 3 energy systems and Reiki here.


3) I scan your physical body and aura to clear any etheric cords and residual energy. I replace those areas with Reiki and share my intuitive findings as I work.  Often medical information, intuitive messages, and other recommendations come up as I work with the client. 


4) I will send you my session notes in an email as a resource for you. Affirmations, links to resources, PDFs, pics, are often sent as well that help support the session balancings and illuminations we have discovered together. 

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How many sessions does it take to resolve my concerns? How often should I do energy sessions?

Energy medicine is holistic, addressing the root causes behind symptoms and conditions. Everything is taken into account when we work together. The complete picture will offer how long and how often energy healing sessions are recommended. Your energy knows what is priority and what is ready to shift first.


As a general rule of thumb, I recommend 3 sessions at a minimum to address the layers and divine order for healing.  Energy medicine is always gentle and unfolds in the highest and best way.

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