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I help clients balance their energy fields by clearing blocks, emotions, thoughts, stagnant energies, and memories. The body knows how to restore balance when energy pathways are cleared and replenished. When this happens, the body heals. ~ Krista 

Krista is an amazing healer in many ways. She takes a genuine interest in her clients, necessary to be able to give them the best care possible. She is very thorough in her sessions, often taking the extra time to ensure the healing path is cleared for you. She provides emotional support, as well as the spiritual aspect of energy healing. I feel as if she becomes your partner, your teacher and your friend in your journey to a balanced, healthy life. I have personally learned so much from her regarding the importance of the spiritual well being as it relates to our overall health. She is educated in many realms of healthcare, is a wealth of knowledge, a gifted healer and is responsible for helping my son and I find our way to a more healthful, joyful life! T. D. 

”It was my first experience and I wasn’t sure what to expect. She exceeded any and all hopeful expectations. She was professional, extremely knowledgeable and kind. I had some pain that was gone for the first time in weeks and I just felt lighter & happier afterwards...as if I had been on vacation or wrapped up a day at the spa. Looking forward to my next session!”


Karen T says...

"My experience with Krista has been transformative. After treating my daughter with physical medicine for years, I reached out to Krista because I was concerned with her mental state. Not only did I get answers on the root cause of her problems, but her negativity and worries were seemingly removed and she was filled with beautiful healing energy. She slept without anxiety for the first time in months, and woke up the next day with a peaceful and joyful outlook on life. Krista is wonderful with adults and children alike and her kind natured loving spirit is icing on the cake. We can't thank her enough for her work so far and look forward to future sessions for our whole family! "


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$60 - $100 per session, sliding scale