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New Earth Babies

Receive the energetic benefits in 3D and 5D for your baby or for someone you love having a baby. Check out my shop page on Etsy to learn more. 


Description: Hand-knitted, made-to-order, cotton, size 0-3 infant baby booties and their own, unique intuitive message from Krista Rosen, Energy Healer, and Intuitive Guide. 


The booties are infused with protection, the full or new moon, any auspicious cosmic energies, Reiki, and other high-frequency energies. All of these energies and the intuitive message are of God/Source. As Krista knits, she weaves in these energies as well as specific frequencies for that particular baby (such as harmony or communication).


New Earth baby booties are made to nourish and support your new baby's entry into this world. Your baby is likely coming in now to be a change maker, a healer, a leader, a path forger, or a builder of the new paradigms. They are here to heal Mother Earth and its inhabitants.  New Earth Babies tend to be old souls, empaths, and highly sensitive. They will benefit from having these booties as bonus love and support. 


New Earth Baby Booties can also be a wonderful gift for someone you love who is expecting a baby. Please share a due date or a birthday. Include the gender, name, or location if possible, but not necessary at all. 





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