with Krista Rosen, Intuitive Practitioner, Energy Teacher, and Writer

Join me for a free group online Energy Balancing, Intuitive Message, and Reiki Session on Tuesdays. Feel lighter, brighter, and more positive as we clear anxiety, fear, and other unwanted emotions and thought loops. Become centered, grounded, and comfortable in your body as we maintain energy hygiene within this new territory of the coronovirus and other world events. 

Watch the video to receive the benefits from the energy balancing and Reiki. Receive an Intuitive Message based on you and the collective. I post a new video every Tuesday afternoon. The guided meditation is also a wonderful way to reduce stress. It has been curated to support the root chakra, the 2020 archetype of worthiness, and reducing fear and worry. 


As an Intuitive Practitioner, I take an energetic reading on the collective energy fields and share what has come up for balancing by using a blend of 3 energy balancing systems


Reiki is programmed for 24 hours to you, your home and family, and to the pandemic and other world events. This part includes etheric cord cutting and shielding from fear energy in the collective.