What My Traumatic Childhood Taught Me About Core Beliefs

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Vibrant and connected to Source.

My eyes are vibrant and full of life in the child picture. Notice how my eyes are shut down in the Farrah hair teen picture. My traumatic childhood had caught up to me here as I was living in survival mode. The third photo is me at 52 after I’ve been doing over a decade of work facing my fears and challenging the conditioning I believed at face value.

Shutdown and in survival mode.

It’s well established in the scientific literature that the first ten years of our life sets our foundation for how we view ourselves and our world. Advancements in quantum physics has given us a plethora of answers to how thoughts and emotions carry an energetic charge just like physical substances do. We know how they impact the physical body and our well being on all levels.

Vibrant and awake. Connected to Source.

Thoughts and emotions can make us sick and make us well. The biggest misnomer out there is that people don’t think they can control them. People believe that they can’t stop the worry, the fear, and unwanted thoughts. It’s just what they’ve practiced the most. Clearing core beliefs free us from the limiting conditions they cause, such as feelings of not being worthy and self judgement. Freedom is waiting for you.

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