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Krista Rosen

West Hills Reiki


All About In-Person and Remote Sessions 

In-Person Hours: Tues/Wed 8a - 6p, by appt only

4900 SW Griffith Dr #273 (Wise Counsel & Comfort)

Beaverton, OR 97005

Book Online for in-person only.


Remote sessions Mon - Sat 9a - 6p can be booked by contacting me with preferred day/time. 

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     How To Prepare and What To Expect

$60 - $100 per session, sliding scale

Free Tools

Fear vs Love

Research has shown that there's over 1500 different human emotions. They all come from either Fear or Love. 

Energy Medicine 101 ebook

Ever wonder how acupuncture, chiropractic, reiki, homeopathy, qi gong, and tai chi actually work? Learn the science behind it all. 

Healing Checklist

Evaluate your personal cumulative toxic load and what you can do to reduce it.